Pain Relief

Pain Relief

One of the most common reasons clients visit Launceston Acupuncturist is to use Traditional Chinese Medicine for pain relief.  There are many types of pain and causes of pain which can negatively impact a person’s quality of life.

At Launceston Acupuncturist, we commonly treat musculo-skeletal pain which can present as pain in the lower back, neck pain, shoulder pain or foot pain.  This type of pain can stem from a range of different causes, but most commonly develops from injury or poor posture.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is also an effective approach to manage acute, chronic, and reoccurring pain including headache, migraines, chronic lower back pain, period pain, knee pain and foot pain.

Chinese medicine offers a unique diagnostic and therapeutic approach which is tailored to each individual.  Pain relief can usually be achieved by a combination of various TCM therapies, exercises, life-style changes and self-management techniques.

TCM physical therapies such as acupuncture for pain relief, remedial massage and cupping can greatly assist the treatment of inflammation, enhance the body’s immunity, and induce detoxification of the affected areas.

Chinese herbal medicine formulas and Chinese diet therapy are complementary approaches which can help manage pain, reduce inflammation and assist with general health maintenance.

At Launceston Acupuncturist Dr. (CM) Spiteri uses a combination of TCM modalities to provide pain relief.  Treatment methods vary depending on the specific needs of the client but frequently include Master Tung and Dr Tan style acupuncture, remedial massage, cupping, herbal medicine and nutrition therapy.

If you are suffering from pain we encourage you to try the natural approach of Traditional Chinese Medicine for pain relief.  Book your consultation or contact us to discuss your individual requirements.