sports acupuncture

Sports Acupuncture

Sports Acupuncture is a specialty field of traditional Chinese medicine that focuses on the treatment of sport related and athletic injuries and musculoskeletal pain.

Sports Acupuncture can effectively treat common acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries, repetitive strain injuries (RSI), traumatic injuries or assist in post-operative recovery.  Sports and athletic acupuncture aims to assist in the maintenance and recovery of recreational and elite sports people, or those with labour intensive jobs.  Treatments can help to reduce pain and inflammation and treat injuries to improve the range of motion available.

Pre-and post-exercise treatments are an effective approach in the treatment of sore and aching muscles, bruises, sprains, strains, fractures and wounds.  Sports Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and cupping therapy can also help with muscle strength, anaerobic and aerobic capacity and the recovery of sore muscles post workout.

Regular treatments aim to restore and increase flexibility, strength, motion, endurance and improve performance.  Sports acupuncture and TCM can also assist with scars and scar tissue, muscle cramps, restless legs, plantar fasciitis and aches and pains.

Sports acupuncture services at Launceston Acupuncturist can help to reduce the amount of time spent in rehabilitation for an injury or post-surgery, strengthen and activate muscles and treat pain and inflammation.  Consultations are available by appointment and phone enquiries are welcome. Contact us to book your appointment or discuss your individual requirements.